Jeff Mckay


Jeff is the grandson of legendary USC coach John Mckay. Over the past 20 years, Jeff has led the marketing departments for multiple billion-dollar companies. He has helped raise over $10 billion dollars in project capital in the energy sector, helping create thousands of new jobs. Jeff is the proud father of Molly Mckay (6 years old) who he believes will be the first female quarterback at USC, and a future #1 overall draft pick in the NFL.

Manuel “Mer” Hernandez III


Manuel “Mer” Hernandez III, an MBA alumnus of the university’s Marshall School of Business and a lifelong supporter of USC athletics, arrived on the NIL collective landscape by way of a strong desire to create a comprehensive and sustainable NIL environment for all student-athletes at his alma mater.

Player Ambassadors

  • David “Pops” Scott (RIP)
  • Antwuan Woods

Our player ambassadors will guide strategy, awareness, and execution of The Conquest Collective.

Player Management

  • Geroge Farmer JR
  • Marcus Martin

These men of Troy will lead our player management team. All have personal experience to draw on and will be excellent ambassadors for USC and The Conquest Collective.